Richard or as he preferred to be called “Sparky” Kenney passed away suddenly in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 surrounded by family and friends. He was only 51 years of age. Although born in Virginia Beach, Sparky became a resident of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania at an early age. He attended the Milton Hershey School where he cultivated lifelong friends. Immediately after graduation, Sparky enlisted in the Marine Corps and served with their M.C. combat engineers. Returning to Lancaster after his service, he was employed at the Lancaster New Era where he continued to add to his collection of lifelong friends. Lancaster is the special town where he met the love of his life, Cathryn Jarrett. They shared a relationship that included a life of fun, caring, travel and love for each other and their family.
Hardworking and always looking for an opportunity, they relocated to Ponte Vedra Beach over 10 years ago where Sparky joined FGC, LLC a PVB company owned by Glenn Emerson. Sparky went on to create his own successful company while working for Glenn, STRONGBACK Renovation Specialist. He completed many projects for residents in Ponte Vedra Beach and through- out St. John County. His only issue became the volume of work, as word of mouth propelled him into a six day work week. Kitchens, baths, new expanded areas, windows, doors; he had the ability to complete them all.  Eventually he was booking at least a month out with “no call  backs” and with no advertising.
Sparky was always dedicated to his wife Cathryn, his mom Mary Louise who recently passed, his sister Susan, brother Stephen, nephews Stephen Kenney and Patrick Kenney, niece Erin Shea Kenney and his sister-in-law Kris Schlonski. A special man with a huge heart, Sparky continued to be a part of the lives of not only his family, his Lancaster friends but also his friends in Ponte Vedra Beach, always ready for an after hour drink and laughs. We love you, Sparky. SEMPER FI.
Please join us for a special celebration of life including a full military salute on September 22, 2017 at 1 pm at the Sawgrass Beach Club in Ponte Vedra Beach. Please confirm attendance by Monday, September 18, 2017 at to insure admittance at gate.

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