DONNA runners' fund-raising brings in $365,000

As the DONNA Marathon wrapped up its ninth year, the foundation announced it raised nearly $365,000 through runners’ fund-raising efforts, with the total proceeds to be finalized in early summer.
Proceed totals to be finalized were generated through a series of events held during the Donna Marathon weekend and will benefit the Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Translational Genomics Program and the Donna Foundation. Individual fundraising will continue through March 31.
The 26.2 with DONNA has raised more than $4.5 million for breast cancer research and care since its inception in 2008. The marathon is the only one in the U.S. that donates all of its proceeds to the cause of finishing breast cancer. These funds are generated through individual fund-raising efforts and registration for the weekend’s events. The money raised also includes the fund-raising efforts met by the Weaver Challenge issued in 2015. For the fifth year in a row, individual fund-raising efforts outside of registration were able to reach $200,000 for a match $100,000 by Jacksonville philanthropists Wayne and Delores Barr Weaver.
“Year after year, I am overwhelmed with the outpouring of support we receive for the cause from our runners, volunteers and spectators who make 26.2 with DONNA such a one of a kind event,” said Donna Deegan, founder of 26.2 with DONNA and three-time breast cancer survivor. “The money this race generates provides groundbreaking critical research that will solve the mysteries behind the genes which cause breast cancer and remove the financial burden on men and women with breast cancer to assist with their critical needs. It’s amazing to see that the dedication and excitement for the cause continues to grow.”
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This year’s 26.2 with DONNA drew nearly 10,000 runners from all 50 states and 11 countries, with many top runners hailing from the Beaches including Men’s Marathon winner, Marc Burget.
Burget, of Jacksonville Beach, ran this year’s marathon to honor his wife, Christina, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer at the Mayo Clinic. Burget finished with a time of 2:46:18 and was met by his wife at the finish line.
The winners for this year’s 26.2. with DONNA marathon, half marathon and relays are as follows:
• Men’s Marathon: Marc Burget of Jacksonville Beach, 2:46:18
• Women’s Marathon: Julie Stackhouse of Jacksonville Beach, 2:53:18
• Men’s Half Marathon: Rohit Sharma of Jacksonville Beach, 1:15:22
• Women’s Half Marathon: Melissa Broyles of Milford, Mich., 1:26:28
• Survivor Marathon: Catherine Martin of Gainesville, Fla., 3:38:09
• Survivor Half Marathon: Kathi Wagner of Chattanooga, Tenn., 1:56:46
• Team Relay: Team CrazyHorse, 2:57:38
• Dan Brown Relay Cup: Beach RatsXC from Fletcher High School, 3:05:18
• Masters Men’s Marathon: Samir Krivokapa of Jacksonville Beach, 2:56:53
• Masters Women’s Marathon: Catherine Martin of Gainesville, Fla., 3:38: 09
• Masters Men’s Half Marathon: Scott Miller of Jacksonville Beach, Fla., 1:26:42
• Masters Women’s Half Marathon: Shannon McHale of West Simsbury, Conn., 1:30:54
“As 26.2 with DONNA is already one of the fastest courses in the state of Florida, ranking in the top 10 fastest marathon times by Floridians, the 2016 route off the beach decreased times by our runners more than ever before,” said Donna Deegan, founder of the 26.2 with DONNA. “In addition to the steady course, I always have to give credit to our crowds. Our race participants are encouraged to continue on and run faster due to the massive fan support on the sidelines cheering all runners, including myself, so loudly at the expense of their voices.”
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