Commissioner says Atlantic Beach needs a parking policy

Atlantic Beach needs a parking policy.
That is what Commissioner Cindy Anderson called for June 24. She noted the city recently fenced off some parking near 18th Street without commission approval and said she believes the commission should be setting the policy.
“This is a policy decision, not just the mayor,” Anderson said, explaining that the mayor signed off on the change near 18th Street. “If we’re going to limit public access, then do it on the record.”
Mayor Ellen Glasser explained that she did not see the particular instance as a policy decision and did not mean to overstep. She acknowledged the need for a city parking policy.
Anderson said the commission is “abdicating responsibility” for setting a policy and said the situation is only going to get worse as more people come to North Florida and want to go to the beach.
Anderson said any policy should also delineate where parking is allowed on right of ways in the city as many residents have taken away public parking, placing rocks and other items in public right of ways.