Clay Humane offers tips to keep pets safe this Thanksgiving

Clay Humane, a nonprofit veterinary clinic in Orange Park, urges pet owners to keep animals safe this Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving may look a little different this year, but that won't keep the turkey and pumpkin pie away from our dinner tables.
"Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to enjoy friends or family, and we often want to include our beloved pets in holiday activities," said Dr. Christian Broadhurst, senior staff veterinarian at Clay Humane. "While there are ways to include animals in Thanksgiving celebrations, it is vital that we keep them away from holiday hazards."
Broadhurst gives five tips to keep pets safe during Thanksgiving:
• Don't let pets eat turkey bones: Your pet can have a little bit of turkey meat, but do not give your pet the entire bone. Turkey bones may splinter, getting stuck in your pet's throat, windpipes or stomach.
• Don't give pets a lot of new foods at once: Foods that are new or different for your pet can cause stomach distress. Steer clear of offering your animals table foods, no matter how cute their puppy dog eyes are, and instead offer them treats that are designed for them.
• Do not give pets poisonous foods: Some foods, including chocolate, onions, raisins, grapes and alcohol, are hazardous for animals. Do not give these foods to your pets as they can poison animals.
• Offer your pet a quiet place to retreat: With visitors coming in and out of the house on Thanksgiving (even if the numbers are limited this year), pets may become overwhelmed with the constantly changing atmosphere. Offer pets a safe place to relax and decompress, such as a crate or a closed room with beds or towels to sleep and ample food and water.
• Know when and how to seek veterinary help: Should your pet get sick over Thanksgiving, ensure that you know the names and addresses of nearby emergency veterinarians. Compose a list of emergency veterinarians that will be open on Thanksgiving and keep it handy in emergency situations.
Holidays are a great time to celebrate with your furry family members. With a few precautions, Thanksgiving is safe and fun for everyone.
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