12/17/20 Legal Notices

Notice is hereby given that on dates below these vehicles will be sold at public sale on the date listed below at 10AM for monies owed on vehicle repair and storage cost pursuant to Florida Statutes 713.585. Please note, parties claiming interest have right to a hearing prior to the date of sale with the Clerk of Courts as reflected in the notice. The owner has the right to recover possession of the vehicle without judicial proceedings as pursuant to Florida Statute 559.917. Any proceeds recovered from the sale of the vehicle over the amount of the lien will be deposited clerk of the court for disposition upon court order. “No Title Guaranteed, A Buyer Fee May Apply”
01/04/21 Jax Auto Wholesales 8190 103rd St
08           ACURA 19UUA66268A031772     $3961.11
Cam Automotive 5921 Arlington Rd
06           ACURA                 19UUA66286A061062     $3929.90
01/11/21 Power Exchange 6120 Bowdandale Ave
13           RAM                      1C6RR7FT6DS522849       $1523.27
Mr. Transmission 535 Cassat Ave
04           HONDA                1HGCM66374A073972    $2995.00
07           CHEV                     2G1WS58R779243124     $3095.00
Garage Zero 6424 Arlington Exp
12           PTRB                      2NP3LN0X3CM167371    $16545.00
08           MERC                    2MEFM74V48X604238   $3509.17
Claude Nolan Cadillac 4700 Southside Blvd
09           PORS                     WP1AA29P39LA05328    $6728.16
01/15/21 Used Car Factory 10249 Beach Blvd
09           HOND                   1HGCP26779A147417     $4924.80
01/19/21 Paint Pro 6332 Blanding Blvd
18           SUBA     JF1VA263J9825367    $9481.67
01/25/21 S & S Custom Exhaust 1736 St John Bluff Rd
06           FORD                     1FMNU43S83EA85235    $7536.69
02/08/21 Petra Automotive 1530 University Blvd
06           CADI                      1G6DC67A560133438      $1654.46

BL 12/17/20